Automate Your Trading 2022


Zignaly’s copy trading for crypto allows users to mimic expert traders’ activity automatically. All they have to do is connect their Zignaly account with an exchange, select the trader they wish to copy, and set the maximum funds they wish to invest. Another great thing about TradeSanta is its wide range of features, including simple or trailing stop-loss and take-profit orders, strategies for spot and futures markets, and more. As mentioned, it’s a cloud-based platform, so you don’t have to worry about installing anything. The features you have at your disposal include stop-loss, take-profit, and “social copy” trading; the last one allows you to copy strategies from successful crypto traders on the platform. It helps to select a bot that suits your level of trading and support multiple strategies.

Crypto Trading Robots Reviews

When it comes to providing the widest range of preset trading strategies, it’s hard to beat Coinrule’s wide selection. The crypto trading bot currently allows users to customize investing with more than 150 trading templates automatically executed when market conditions meet predefined parameters. From accumulation to long-term holding strategies and stop-loss settings, Coinrule constantly introduces new templates to its platform. Bitcoin Revolution software has been created from scratch by expert software engineers and cryptocurrency brokers. Bitcoin Revolution uses numerous unique trading algorithms that analyze the crypto market trends to search for the best investment opportunities without any scam. The advanced computer program manages this by comparing trade history and relating logical and fundamentals prerequisites of the prevailing settings.


Like Dash 2 Trade, HaasOnline also charges its users in cryptocurrencies. However, here, users will have to make payments using Bitcoin. The basic package starts at 0.011 BTC per month, which equals around $230 based on the price of Bitcoin at the time of writing. And beginners can also copy strategies of other experienced traders or even mimic the portfolio allocation of investment funds such as Coinbase Ventures and Blockchain Capital via Shrimpy. The one downside of Shrimpy is that there are no free versions available. It levies a flat fee of 0.5% for spot trades and 0.1% for executing leveraged positions.

Because the market is always opened, you can’t keep track of your investments at all times. You will eventually require sleep, and we all know that assets have a proclivity for dumping as soon as we take our gaze away from them. Most bitcoin robots usually have multiple payment options that can be used for deposit and withdrawal. Most of the options you would find include Paypal, Stripe, Ecopays, MasterCard, Visa, Skrill, etc.

  • However, its superpower is a variety of bots like Flash crash bots, Arbitrage bots, which helps you make money in every situation.
  • Maybe there is a good robot out there, but I never found one and I’d like to see some actual proof before buying into the hype.
  • These are the most commonly used bots as crypto traders race to beat the market with a winning strategy.
  • It provides free cryptocurrency trading bots and is one of the most powerful, flexible, and extensible platforms.

Each user is given significant flexibility with his trading strategy. He can choose not to tweak the hopper much, leaving his trading fortunes to the default settings. Rather, it is an online trading platform that offers high leverage limits. The platform is fully compatible with MT4 – meaning that you can use your chosen trading strategy via Crypto Rocket with ease. Algo Signals is a popular system provider that offers both automated and semi-automated trading facilities. Primarily, the platform specializes in forex and crypto signals.

Is it Safe to Use Bitcoin Platforms?

There is always the risk of mechanical failures such as network disconnections, computer malfunctions, and power outages. These risks are dangerous since if the internet connection is terrible, orders will be lost due to trade restrictions being in force. A demo account also enables you to tinker with some of the algorithm’s settings. You may allegedly adjust how conservative or aggressive the Bitcoin Pro algorithm is when trading to help it attain its maximum potential in today’s market environment.

The best way we measure legitimacy is to gauge customer reviews and customer service. When we used Crypto Genius, there were no limits on withdrawals and deposits, aside from the initial $250 deposit. Before signing up for a Crypto Genius account, ensure that its policies and processes don’t hinder you in the future. We analysed metrics that give a realistic representation of how Crypto Genius’s processes perform in action. Users can deposit and withdraw from Crypto Genius using popular payment methods like bank transfers, credit and debit card payments, and even electronic wallets like PayPal. Depending on your location, the platform also accepts deposits in major currencies like USD, GBP, and EUR.

Also, delays and human errors are less likely to occur as these bots can work 24/7. The software is free to use and the brokers on the platform are registered and regulated. However, you need to invest a minimum of £250 to use the platform with brokers just as you would find with the popular Bitcoin Evolution robot. Bitcoin Era has an accuracy rate of about 90% and a win rate of about 88%, which is an impressive return on investment.


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