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Slippage is not a negligible concern for DEX users, especially when trading large orders on illiquid markets. Splitting orders over multiple DEXs also decreases the slippage fees, which means better trades for customers. What sets the 1inch exchange apart from other DEXs is its DEX aggregator feature.

As of 29 July 2022, the 1INCH token ranked 80th among cryptocurrencies by market capitalisation at $404,558,558. In February 2021, 1INCH tokens were also released on Binance Smart Chain. In June 2021, the limit order protocol was launched, and in December 2021, the third round of funding closed after raising $175 million.

  • In charge of the price aggregation is 1inch’s Pathfinder protocol.
  • Pathfinder is an algorithm that seeks out best trading opportunities across multiple ecosystems.
  • To exchange the selected assets, the user proceeds to click “SWAP NOW”, where they will be prompted to a separate page to confirm the transaction.
  • The DEX aggregator also allows users to test out various exchanges to test their preferences and maximize their returns.
  • Staking 1INCH official smart contract address is 0x977e05968ea1fe146aafed3e89d72bd77fd0ba65.
  • Note that your staked tokens will show up as st1INCH in your wallet and on the block explorer.

In the next window, you can input the details for your 1INCH token withdrawal, including the address of your crypto wallet and the amount of 1INCH token to withdraw. If this is your first time buying cryptocurrency, you will need to create an account on your chosen crypto exchange. The MVP of 1inch protocol launched during the ETHNYC Hackathon and, initially, sourced its liquidity from Uniswap, Bancor, and Kyber. Since the launch, the exchange has received around $190 million through its seed, Series A, and Series B funding rounds. The world of decentralized finance is gaining more DEX aggregators to support the best possible trades for investors.

Circulating Supply

It does so by splitting the swap across several exchanges and market depths. Generally, the result is the most convenient swap in terms of exchange rates and gas fees available at that time. 1inch was co-founded by Anton Rukov and Sergej Kunz during a New York City hackathon. They first launched their own decentralized exchange named Mooniswap https://financialreviewofbooks.com/ before switching to their own liquidity pool and creating the 1INCH DEX aggregator. Anton Rukov is a Russian software entrepreneur and developer who spent five years at the Academy of Federal Security Service of Russia. He graduated as a specialist engineer and developed a TCP/IP OS stack equivalent and a C-style language compiler.

1inch staking

1inch.exchange is a DEX aggregator with the best prices on the market. Please be aware of high gas fees when transacting on the Ethereum network as it currently stands. A token that facilitates 1inch protocol governance and participation in the network’s evolution. Regardless of your choice, the app will clearly show you the exchange rate, the USD value, and swap fees. In 2022, the 1inch Foundation plans to give 1INCH stakers access to extended governance mechanisms. This way, the community would get more ownership over the 1inch Network.

Other essential 1inch integrations include Skynet, Ledger, BitPay, Bitquery, xBTC, Hashflow, and Synthetix Exchange. It’s worth noting that 1inch has also reached strategic partnerships with cybersecurity firm Hacken and the TRON network. Its role is to improve the sustainability of the entire network and accelerate its decentralization and community-led governance. This mechanism is an upgrade to the legacy solution that the protocol had forked from 0x. Its benefits include higher gas efficiency and extensive customization features.

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Here’s some information additional facts on 1INCH and also learn how to easily accumulate crypto interest on YouHodler. TON has the potential to onboard Telegram’s 500M+ https://financialreviewofbooks.com/biggest-ripple-competitors/ monthly active users onto the Blockchain. Orbs recently released TON Minter, which became the official way to deploy Jettons on the TON chain (Similar to ERC-20 tokens).

The project’s functionality has set it apart from other dApps and DEXes. Oryen’s rapidly growing token and expanding community hold the secret to its success. Soon, the project will surpass the risky PancakeSwap, low-yield 1Inch, and collapsing Safemoon.


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