4 Reasons You Need A Mentor


We all need somebody to lean on! Of course, with the right mentor, you won’t be leaning. You’ll be taking off the training wheels and riding tall. A good mentor is an investment in yourself that you can’t afford not to make. Because:

1. Anyone can succeed in real estate

BUT, not everyone does.

Why the gap? Because even though there is potential in everyone, and even though the tools are waiting for everyone…very few people know how to use these resources. Some people don’t even know where to look for them.

Anyone can achieve success, but only if they LEARN. If you could achieve it without learning from someone else, everyone would be a millionaire. But few are. So what do those FEW have in common?

Ask any millionaire where they learned the keys to success, and chances are, he or she will tell you that they learned it from another millionaire or highly successful person.

2. You can’t know what you don’t know

It may seem like a no-brainer, but you can’t teach yourself something if you don’t even know you need to learn it! The only person who can teach you is someone who has learned it already.

But more than teaching you new ways to use your skills, new strategies to make the most of your time and money, and new habits to keep your mind sharp for work and play…A mentor can teach you WHY you need to know what you don’t know.

You can spend your whole life looking for answers…Or you can learn then from a mentor and spend your whole life applying them to achieve success.

A mentor can add value to your education. He or she will look at your skill set and your goals and determine what you need to acquire in order to reach them.

3. The wheel has already been invented

While you may need to add some knowledge or training, a mentor will also keep you from putting too much effort toward things that won’t ultimately serve you.

You may have a fiery creative spirit and think that it’s up to you to revolutionize the real estate investing field and do something no one has ever done before.

If you do that, you will spend way too much time and energy scaling a wall when there’s a flight of stairs right next to you. A mentor not only sees what you need to improve, they see what you’re GREAT at. Take that creative spirit and apply it to your communications with business partners or your to problem-solving. Hold onto that passion rather than expending it now, because when you achieve financial freedom, you’ll be able to pursue your passion with no restraints.

Not only do mentors see where you’re putting false efforts, but they also have probably invented the wheel themselves, and built the wagon, t-Ford, and luxury car. They know exactly what you need without you having to find the systems and tools to get you there.

You’ll be glad then that your mentor saw what you were truly worth—so much more than reinventing the wheel.

Don’t reinvent the wheel.

4. You’re AWESOME, and you can do ANYTHING

So why not give yourself every possible advantage?

The best thing an amazing person can do is use their talents to become better. Sometimes it’s hard to see just how great we are, and how great we CAN be, because we aren’t able to step back.

A mentor provides an outside perspective. They can help you see the path from who you are to who you are meant to be, and guide your steps along that path. That’s why my team is here! Set up your free consultation today; your guides are ready and your journey awaits!


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