If At First You Don’t Succeed, Fail, Fail Again

Failure is all a part of the plan. (Work with my expert team on a free game plan consultation!)



If—when—you fail, don’t freak out. Just because you fail doesn’t mean that you’re powerless, weak, or incapable. In fact, RECOGNIZING failure is a clue that you’re up to the task of succeeding. The only way to succeed is to know success when you see it! And for that to happen, you have to know—but not fear—failure.

Failure is the light that illuminates success.

KNOWING failure means looking at it from a rational perspective. Don’t let yourself play the victim. Don’t blame others. Don’t devalue your efforts or your power. Look at the facts; assess what went right, and what went wrong; learn; and move on.

Don’t spend any more OR less time on your failures than you have to. Don’t ignore them, but don’t dwell on them.


Actually, if you want to succeed, you’re REALLY going to have to nail down the skills of perspective and patience…because REAL success requires you to fail a LOT. You’re going to become VERY acquainted with failure and risk it every day.

So toughen up and buckle down. Failure requires just as much attention as success. If you ever want to know how to succeed, you have to dig into why you failed.

How many failures is this going to take? How deep are you willing to go?


Sorry, that last question was a trick question.

You can’t put a number on your failures. If Edison had set his number at 999, we wouldn’t have lightbulbs. You have to be willing to fail as many times as it takes. You’ll ONLY know the number when you SUCCEED.

One fewer try and he’d be famous for failure…or not famous at all.

Is it possible to commit to potentially INFINITE failure? Isn’t that the same as giving up?


To be willing to fail THAT many times, the end goal has to REALLY be worth it. Like when a race has been run or a mountain climbed and you breathe a sigh of peace. And UNLIKE giving up, the total acceptance of failure requires you to BELIEVE that failure will ultimately lead to success.

This belief comes most easily with a PLAN. Right now you can get a FREE consultation from our expert team to figure out the goal that’s most WORTH IT to you…and how you’re going to get there.

You must believe that YOU will ultimately find success. You can’t calculate it out, but you know that failure has a limit—and success does not.


This is the secret to NEVER fearing failure. Failure can’t define you when you KNOW you will succeed. All it can do is teach you.

So really, isn’t failure just an education you don’t need to take out a loan for? What. A. Deal.


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