Rich and Richer


The rich get richer when they are TRULY rich. Some people give off the impression of being rich, when really, they are spending ALL their money on appearances. Sometimes they set a goal to have a certain amount of money or reaching a certain social status, and once they reach it, they stop striving.

These people are not truly rich; they have not cultivated the wisdom, habits, and mindset of a rich person. They won’t be able to hold onto their “wealth” for long. Someone who is truly wealthy, by comparison, has a completely different value system. They value money differently and recognize that the most important thing is WHO they are. True wealth is built upon specific habits and traits.

Wealth vs. Worth

This set of criteria means that there are some things the rich DO, and some that they don’t. The rich look at their numbers every day. They make sure they’re on top of their strategy and know when it is or is not producing results. This vigilance allows them to adjust their strategies when needed, and these consistent adjustments are what lead to the BEST strategies in the game. Just ask our team or anyone who’s worked with us. This habit builds a system that WORKS again and again. (You can read about the whole thing for free when you snag your copy of “The Strait Path to Real Estate Wealth!”)

Habits breed growth.

You can build this habit by incorporating another trait from the list: genuinely valuing money more than the average person. If you value money, you’ll pay attention to it. And if you really value it, you won’t waste it, either. You won’t make investments without investigating them first. You won’t spend money on frivolous purchases or get stuck with bad debt. In fact, you’ll work hard to develop good credit because you know that this will help you get loans with low interest rates, ultimately saving you even MORE in the long run.

Another thing too many people waste money on is “keeping up with the Joneses”—or the Kardashians, whichever you prefer. People who live like millionaires probably don’t have a million-dollar net worth, because they’re spending it all on LOOKING like they do! Create your responsible lifestyle based on your value system and your financial psychology. Then maintain that responsibility even as your worth grows (if you do this, it’ll grow even FASTER).

Value Vigilance

It can be hard to be responsible, which is why you have to value success over leisure. If you do, you’ll have all the leisure in the world; your success will set you free. Especially if your money will do so much of the work for you. To get rich and stay rich, there is no other option. Make sure your investments have a high ROI. If yours aren’t paying you every month, you need to re-evaluate.

What’s working? What isn’t?

In fact, you need to be thinking ALL THE TIME. Think about the numbers. Think about your future. Think about your system, habits, and behaviors. Take the time to put the MIND in mindful. Make prudent decisions. This is what it means to work smarter, not harder. You should give your all to your goal, but there is a specific way to go about it. Think about two people who want to get to the other side of a wall. One person punches at the wall until his hands are bruised and sore. The other person finds a ladder. The person doing the punching definitely worked “harder”…but the one who worked smarter is the one who made it. Some of the smartest work you can do is learning just what it takes to be rich—so good for you, you’ve done that today! Keep learning. Keep striving. Keep reading. 😉


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