Inertia Can Hurt You


There are a lot of reasons people stay where they are or play it safe. Just ask Isaac Newton. The law of inertia states that objects at rest will stay at rest, while objects in motion will stay in motion. Which are you? Are you someone who stays at rest? Are you the person who is always in motion? Or perhaps do you fall somewhere in between?

We believe in DOING. You don’t create a limitless life without taking action. But does taking action mean that you’re obligated to keep moving forward or jumping from thing to thing, never resting or wavering, in order to achieve your goals? No. Leaning into rest is a conscientious choice, and choice is itself an action, a motion As long as you continue making choices, your mind is still moving, and, therefore, you are not totally stuck. It is important to rest, recoup, regroup, and recharge on your journey to financial freedom and your ideal life.

Often, people unconsciously STAY. This may look like being at rest, but really, it’s keeping the same inertia but not really going anywhere. And not going anywhere means little progress occurs. A good example of this is staying at a 9 to 5 job even when it doesn’t serve you.

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We hear a lot of reasons why people stay at their job.   Are you staying at your 9-to-5 because it pays the bills? It might not be leaving your current job that you’re afraid of but finding another one with the same pay or benefits that scares you. There could be big consequences to abandoning a job that pays the bills. Financial factors drive much of what we do.

Another reason you might stay where you are professionally is security. This sounds a lot like paying the bills, but it goes deeper. Loyalty to a single company,  means that you don’t have to search for anyone to hire you, you know where your next meal is coming from, and you can plan your future based on the consistency.. Many companies offer opportunities for advancement and promotion, or the activation of certain benefits once you’ve been with the company for a given amount of time. These incentives to stay are heavily dipped in security.

You also might be staying at your 9-to-5 job because you LIKE it. That’s fine! People who knock desk jobs should practice a little less judgment. These are workplaces where you may meet your best friends. Company retreats could take you to places you’d have never visited otherwise. The culture could align quite nicely with your values; maybe your employer supports a charity close to your heart. Maybe the work excites you and stimulates you. Everyone has different preferences, and you shouldn’t feel bad for yours. But is LIKING your job a reason to keep you from achieving your life goals?

In the end, though, you have to make a choice. Be sure you know what your motivations are for staying, resting, and acting. Is your natural inertia sufficient for where you are, but insufficient for where you want to be? This is one of those places where inertia can hinder your growth. Sometimes stopping and changing directions may be exactly what you need to push through to your next level of success.

But even when you get there, never stop assessing what you really want out of life, and whether you’re on a path to get it and keep it as long as possible (hint: this requires starting as SOON as possible).

That could mean that maybe your 9-to-5 is the way to go. But the truth is, all of the benefits of a 9-to-5 also exist—and to an even greater extent—in the life of a successful real estate investor. You’ll pay the bills. You’ll have a steady income WITHOUT dipping into your savings… and more likely than not, you will LOVE it, or you’ll have the time freedom to do more of the things you truly love.

If you have a compelling reason to stay at your 9-to-5 that you didn’t see listed here, let’s hear it!

But if you have an inkling that you might want to make the leap to a greater purpose for greater reasons…we want to hear it, and we we’re here to help.


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