Will You Be My Next Contest Winner?


A few months ago, I gave away an iPhone 10X and 2 tickets to my financial psychology experience Unleash Your Financial Destiny. The contest was a HUGE success—People wondered when I would host my next giveaway.

The time has officially come!

Chances are, you’ve heard of the EPIC new iPhone 11 that’s coming out in a few days; it’s going to be the first Apple phone that will feature a double camera setup, and the battery life will be the longest to date.

I am a fan of Apple and decided that this new phones would make a great grand prize for a giveaway I’m doing–that and 2 FREE tickets to November’s Unleash Your Financial Destiny Experience!

Last time I only had a few winners. This time I added a bunch of other sweet prizes to the mix. Up for grabs are:

  • Apple AirPods
  • Exclusive Kris Krohn Swag
  • Digital Courses
  • Book Bundles
  • Additional UFD Tickets

It only takes a few seconds to enter, and you can easily complete challenges to gain more entries.


Once you’re in, make sure to bookmark the contest page and check in daily to increase your odds of winning.

Joshua from Indianapolis won our previous contest. He snagged himself an iPhone 10X and a pair of tickets to our November Unleash Your Financial Destiny experience. Will you be next?

Don’t forget to enter HERE.

Good luck!



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