The Dangers of Playing It Safe


Have you ever missed out on a great opportunity because you chose to play it safe? Take a moment to reflect on some of the things you could have done, the opportunities you could have taken, and the experiences you could have enjoyed throughout your life but chose not to because they seemed too risky.

In retrospect, most of those things probably don’t even seem scary or risky anymore, just different and new. You may also realize that you’d be better off today if you had taken action in almost all the situations that came to mind.

Doesn’t bring up the best feelings, does it?

Don’t feel too bad—most people have a tendency to play it safe because they’re afraid of the unknown and don’t want to step outside of their comfort zones. Fear is almost always the reason people chose not to take risks.

So what can you do to prevent regret from happening in the future? Do you completely rewire your brain to abandon the sense of fear that has held you back for all these years?

Yes…and no.

The trick is to train your mind to recognize the difference between VALID fears that truly pose a danger to your safety and INVALID fears of the unknown.

When it comes to building your wealth, taking risks and making mistakes are integral to your success. You’ll either see your risks translate to big wins, or you’ll have the opportunity to learn from what went wrong and continue playing the game until you’re a master of your craft.

No one has ever achieved greatness by playing it safe—you’ve got to put yourself out there and take risks.

The next time you hesitate to take action on something that could play a role in your financial freedom, take a moment to understand what is holding you back and whether it’s reasonable or just a byproduct of fear. Chances are, doing so will give you reasons to push forward and accept the risks associated with the situation because the payout will be worth it.

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