Take Off the Training Wheels


Remember when you were little and learned to ride a bike for the first time? It was exhilarating to experience the freedom that came from riding without your training wheels, wasn’t it? Without training wheels, you travel faster and experience greater independence. Who doesn’t like those things?

But there are many areas where we keep our training wheels firmly in place for far too long. What does this look like in an adult? It looks like staying in our comfort zone, refusing to step into the unknown, or maybe sticking with society’s game plan even when you know it will fail you.

Fears and limiting beliefs keep those training wheels firmly in place. We hear ourselves say things like, “That’s how I’ve always done it,” or “I don’t like change,” and we stay where we are because it’s familiar and safe.


The first time your mom or dad took off your training wheels, I bet you were nervous. Maybe you were scared. But you still got on that bike and pushed through those nerves and fears. Sure, you stepped on the brakes from time to time, probably even crashed a time or two. But the only way you learned to ride a bike was by removing the training wheels, pushing through the doubts, and PEDALING FORWARD.

That’s what a lot of adults need to do in order to achieve the exhilaration that comes from achieving true financial freedom. They need to let go of the training wheels that are society’s game plan and risk-free investments and 401Ks and IRAs and more.

Just. Take. Them. OFF.

Invest in real estate. It’s the surest way to growing sustainable wealth.

But I get it—You may want to hang on to those training wheels for a little longer. No biggie. I’ve got your back.

The Real Estate Maverick’s Program is just right for the person who wants to get started in real estate but may not want to take off those training wheels quite yet. This is the program you can get started in with NO money and NO credit.

The secret to making money in real estate isn’t how much you know or how much you have; it’s all about WHO you know. The Maverick Program helps you leverage who you know so that you can get started in real estate right away.

Before you know it, those training wheels will have fallen off your bike and all that stands before you is a strait path to your financial freedom.

That’s the power of the Real Estate Mavericks Program.

If you’re ready to experience the exhilaration of a new level of abundance, check out the Real Estate Mavericks Program HERE.

Take off the training wheels.

Be financially free.

Be a Maverick.


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