Only Two Voices Matter


In the words of heavyweight champion Mike Tyson, “Everybody has a plan until they get punched in the face.”

I recently had the amazing opportunity to meet Mike and hear his story—talk about a guy who rewired his brain to go the distance!

He shared all about how he trained himself to be a beast in the ring even though many people lined up to tell him he’d never be successful. There were many obstacles that stood between him and his dream, but he worked hard to push through. Instead of giving in to all of the doubt, he chose to ignore the naysayers and listen to the voice inside himself. I’d say it worked out for him pretty well.

There are only two voices that matter: The voice of God and the voice within you that says you can achieve greater things.

I learned a lot of golden nuggets from Mike and feel so blessed to be in the company of amazing individuals regularly.

It’s important that we all take time to surround ourselves with people who inspire us to do and be more. They help us rise to our next level of success and live out our dreams. We have some AMAZING speakers coming to Unleash Your Financial Destiny this August to share their stories.

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