The Importance of Action

inaction breeds doubt, fear, and uncertainty


You could have the most positive attitude in the world, but if you don’t take action, you’ll go nowhere.

An attitude of positivity creates possibilities that act as a springboard for your future success—but you’ve GOT to jump on that springboard and make things happen!

You may be thinking that “taking action” is easier said than done, and you’re absolutely right! If it were easy to make things happen then everyone would be successful. The reality is that it isn’t easy (which is why most people never experience high levels of success).
Sometimes we have so many possibilities, so many great ideas, and so much to do that we fail to take massive action on anything.

The problem is this: inaction breeds doubt, fear, and uncertainty; we start talking ourselves out of amazing opportunities and we believe naysayers when they talk about why something won’t work. When we become fixated on what could go wrong, the uneasiness can go on for months or years, and we end up not really accomplishing anything.

Inaction can cause the possibilities brought on by positive thinking to fade away, and slowly a positive attitude towards life shifts into a negative one.

Action, however, breeds confidence and courage—these feed a positive attitude.
Envision the life you want, create goals, divide those goals into steps that are measurable and achievable, then follow through.

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