Are Mentors Worth It?

I spent $250K to be mentored by Tony Robbins—but was it worth it?


I spent $250K to be mentored by Tony Robbins—but was it worth it?

I believe that in order to grow, you need a mentor (but not every mentor will be a good fit). Let’s be honest—there are a lot of life coaches out there and many of them don’t actually have results. To date, I’ve spent over a million dollars on mentors, but there was one that stood out from the rest. For that reason, I want to share my mentorship experience with superstar business coach, Tony Robbins.

But first…let me give you a little bit of context.

People assumed I was more successful than I really was; although I had tremendous success on thousands of real estate deals, my business was a completely different story. We were generating a lot of revenue and impacting many lives, but internally…my business was hemorrhaging. It’s incredible difficlut to stop a major hemorrhage without specific medical intervention, and I knew I needed the advice of a business mentor or guru to turn things around.

During this time, a close friend of mine begged me to attend Business Mastery, a $10K event hosted by Tony Robbins and geared towards business owners. I decided it was time to learn from the best, and I am glad I did. The event was INCREDIBLY impactful. I walked away with numerous ideas about how to streamline my business.

After receiving the tremendous value from my first training, it decided to take things to the next level. I joined Tony’s Platinum Program for $85K. This experience was a fully immersive week-long retreat full of billionaires and successful people—it was here that I had a gigantic breakthrough that I implemented right when I returned home.

Yes, you read that correctly, I finally recognized that the perfectionist model of the world that I was using was PREVENTING my business from flourishing. I had been frustrated with the unproductivity I perceived in my team; this view was hindering the growth in my business.

I finally recognized that the “”frustration”” I had with my employees was simply frustration stemming from my own unrealistic point of view. I fired myself and empowered my team to step up and do their jobs in a way they thought was best. Throughout the next year, I also made sure to execute on my Top 30 takeaways from the retreat.”

In 12 months, I experienced a 400X return on business.

Later I was invited to join Tony’s highest level program: Platinum Lions. The highlight of this event was a weekend in Tony’s home with 40 other insanely successful people, including Connor McGregor, Mike Tyson, and Kevin Hart. I personally connected with amazing people, many of whome I’m now doing business with—proximity is power, and relationships are PRICELESS.

Tony Robbins not only transformed my business, he also impacted my personal life in every way. He is an honorable man who does the right thing, even if it’s unpopular to do so.
“The moral of my story? Well, there are actually two:

1. Tony Robbins is THE MAN—he truly lives up to his reputation as a legend.

2. Having the right mentor can change EVERY aspect of your life.

Many people ask to mentor with me, but we both need to make sure it’s a good fit before that can happen. I highly recommend that you start by grabbing a copy of my free best-selling book, “Limitless”. If you like what you read, attend one of my life-changing events where the hands-on mentorship will begin!
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