Chasing the Money VS Chasing Your Dreams


We’ve all been stuck in a rut trying to make as much money as possible (myself included). Money is a great resource, but I see way too many people fall into the money trap and end up MISERABLE.

I know lots of wealthy people who HATE getting up in the morning for work; even though their job makes them a LOT of money, they are VERY unhappy. These people may not hate what they do for a living, but they hate the stress, deadlines, urgency, and pressure that comes with their job. They hate the never-ending work weeks that ROB them of precious moments with their families.

That’s what happens when you chase the MONEY.

When you chase a dream, you end up with MUCH different results.

Even though a dream can take years before it pays off financially, working towards it feels fulfilling. That’s because if you love what you’re doing and it makes you happy, you subconsciously devote your time to improving your skills and growing your knowledge. It doesn’t feel like work.

Work hard to make your dreams happen, and you’ll reach new levels of success—the money will eventually follow.

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