The Way to Choosing Happiness NOW


Way too often I meet people who are unhappy with their lives. Many can’t find any happiness at all. The more I interact with people, the more I understand where this comes from. It all stems from a lack of self confidence and self love.

Hear me out.

The Law of Connection teaches us that “Our ego creates separation through comparison and competition, and our sacred self recognizes that we are all one. We cannot hurt another without hurting ourselves; we cannot bless another without blessing ourselves. The shadow that we judge or the greatness we see in others is simply a reflection of aspects of ourselves. The more we live with unconditional love and acceptance for ourselves, the more we unconditionally love others.”

Put simply, the way we treat others is a reflection of how we treat ourselves, and vice versa: The way we treat ourselves is the way we treat others. It’s all connected.

So how can you choose happiness RIGHT NOW?

Stop judging. Stop self-deprecating. Stop criticizing. Stop self-loathing.

Instead, start loving. Start seeing the highest and best in others, and in yourself. Choose to see what is good.

Choose to be happy.


Learn more about the Law of Connection in Limitless.


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