The Boldest Claim I’ve Ever Made

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I’m about to make a claim I’ve never heard anyone else make.

You can Have it all!

I’ve been in intense R&D mode for the past 3 months, working on my new podcast. AND IT JUST DROPPED!!!!!

That’s right. It’s live on iTunes RIGHT NOW! And let me just say, the content of this podcast is some of the BOLDEST content I’ve ever created. It hits like a boxer in the ring! Why? Because I set out to make a huge claim. A claim I’ve never heard from any other mentor, trainer, coach, speaker.

“If you have the right tools, belief system–and if you’re hungry enough–you can HAVE IT ALL.

It’s a bold claim. I know, because the moment I started talking about this idea of “having it all” people would balk and fold their arms like having it all was absurd and impossible. Well,  it’s not.

While I continue to consciously grow and educate myself (a process that will never end for me), I am living a life where it feels like I have it all. I’ve seen success in business, success in my marriage, and success in my body and my vitality. To me, that’s having it all.

This hasn’t come about without failure and pain and sacrifice, but I do believe in a perfect balance of success and fulfillment. I believe that when it all comes together, you start living life on a whole new plane.

The life hacks and methods of mastery I use are exactly what I share on my new podcast Have It All. Check it out at


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