Don’t Do it Yourself!


If you’ve ever been to one of my events, then you’ve heard me say this at least ONCE…




Of course there are definitely things that you SHOULD do yourself, especially those things you’re really good at that bring you fulfillment…

But for everything else.

Don’t do it yourself.

Why do I tell people this?

To be strait forward, hiring someone to do those things you’re not good at or aren’t passionate about saves you TIME and MONEY. YES, it saves you MONEY to pay someone.

First of all, there are SO MANY things that require specialized skills and knowledge. Even if you *think* you can learn what you need to for your project…you may miss something. And that something could be pretty important, and most likely, it’s also COSTLY.

Now think of the TIME everything would take. Learning a new skill or understanding technical knowledge takes TIME, and sometimes A LOT of time. And we all know that time is MONEY. So save yourself some money and LOTS of time and hire someone else to do those things you’re not specifically trained in.


Two Real Life Examples


You guys know that two of my passions are real estate and mindset training. So let’s look at this in these two areas:

Real Estate

The purchasing process in real estate is one of the most critical aspects of real estate investing, but it is extremely complex and, most of the time, stressful. Investment lending is definitely not a do-it-yourself game. Hiring a broker who can navigate you through the complexities will help you avoid timely and costly pitfalls and close your deals successfully more quickly.

If you want successful and timely real estate investing, DON’T DO IT YOURSELF.


There is so much that you can learn about the wealthy and successful mindset these days. I wholeheartedly recommend learning this way! But if you want to dive into an aspect of the mind, or even explore a subject more deeply, it pays to let someone else guide you along the way. A mindset mentor can make a huge difference in the speed of your transformation.

If you want SPEEDY and POWERFUL mindset shifts, DON’T DO IT YOURSELF.

Time and money are valuable resources, but that’s not the BIGGEST reason I tell people “Don’t do it yourself.”


The biggest reason…


I believe we are all sent here for a purpose, and it is when we are living in that purpose that we feel the most happiness and joy.

So when we come across a task that takes us away from that purpose, that passion and drive, then we’re also stepping away from joy.

Friends, I’ve made millions of dollars and I can tell you that money DOES NOT make you happy. But…

Living your purpose DOES.

So stop doing those things that take you away from who you are and START focusing on those things that bring you the greatest joy and fulfillment.

It may seem counterintuitive, but when you live in a space of joy and fulfillment, the money WILL follow. So while paying for someone to do something you could do yourself may seem initially expensive, spending more time living your purpose will pay off.

So when you’re doubting if you should do something, evaluate: Will this bring me closer to the person I need to be to fulfill my purpose? Is this something that I could mess up and lose lots of time and money in the process.

If the answer to either of those is “no”DON’T DO IT YOURSELF.

To living a life of happiness and purpose by not doing everything yourself,



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